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Friday, 20 November 2020

Sale Egg For Earn Dollar

 Sale Egg For Earn Dollar

Profit every 10 minutes!

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Profit every 10 minutes!

How to join In this online Dollars Earnings?

  • First Click Top Banner of coin farm.
  • And simple registration - email verify - login.
  • Now You Enter website
  • Website will teach you or see my Yt. video.
  • See left side Your - My profile and account setting. If you leave anything correct it there.
  • Now Work START.
  • Click My Farm - buy Birds
  • Daily Open my farm and get to click BONUS.



How to buy online Birds in Shop?

  • In the store you can buy different birds. 
  • Each bird lays special eggs, 
  • which can be sold at the market and exchanged for silver coins needed for a real refund. 
  • Each type of bird has a different productivity
  • The bird is more expensive and lays more eggs. 
  • You can buy unlimited number of birds. 
  • Our birds do not die, always producing eggs!
  • There will be multi colour of birds - Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Red, King Bird.
  • Please don't click replenish account.

How to Get Daily Bonus?

  • You can receive bonus every 12 hours.
  • Bonus is credited in silver coins to the account for purchases.
  • The sum of the bonus is generated randomly from 10 to 100 silver coins.

Where is Eggs Stored?

  • Eggs are sent from your nest to the warehouse.
  • Collect and sell them.
  • You can do this once every 1 minute. But my suggestion come 12 hrs once per day to solve all work.
  • Eggs are always stored in a safe place so you want collect them every minute or once a month.
  • Eggs are collected Now you will go to Egg selling.

How to Selling the Eggs?

  • Here you can sell eggs and get the silver coins you need to get real money back.
  • Silver coins received after the sale are divided into ratios for your two accounts (purchase account and withdrawal account): 70% for the purchase account and 30% for Withdraw.

How to work? clear video!


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