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Thursday, 22 October 2020

How To Add Template In Blogger

How To Add Template In Blogger

First, open your blogger. And the Theme option.

If you want blogger themes select Contempo themes, Soho themes, Emporio Themes, Notable themes, Simple Themes, Dynamic View, picture window, Awesome Inc, Watermark, Ethereal, And Travel.

If you want to customize template -

Select this website to select your perfect theme for bloggers.

Download template and extract.

And select (.html) icon right-click to edit HTML or open to notepad

And copy the HTML for using ctrl+a and ctrl+c

And click to Theme right side three-dot.

Select Edit HTML

And Click anywhere ctrl+a and Ctrl+v

And click the 5th icon for save(click save).

(copy means ctrl+c)

(paste means ctrl+v)

(select all means ctrl+a)

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