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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Online Typing Work 1


Pillow bux captcha typing work in

Do you want to earn money?

Just type the key as it is. Simply you play and solving captcha

Earn from the comfort of your home.

Your easy data entry work for all.

Welcome to

We are looking for people who are interested to work from home without any investment. All you need is a laptop or Mobile. Work at your own schedule. Suitable for anyone who wants to earn from the comfort of their home and make some good money.

Are you legit?

We are running this service from 2009 and we have paid every member of our group till date.We are not running anywhere. Follow us in our facebook group to know how good we are and also to know latest updates.

WARNING: Don't using third person software.

How to join?

  • Click Here to join
  • Type your team name is Gmail account (
  • Type your Username
  • Type your password and retype password
  • Click verify I'm not a robot
  • Click SUBMIT

How to create an account for working in data typing?

  • After login
  • Click Employee Master (see home next to employee master)
  • Type Employee name any name or your name
  • Add address give simple address (eg:-Chennai)
Your Employee Details Showing below.
So you will be easily add or edit or delete the details.

How to Referring your friends?

  • See the top url. Copy like this and add to your whats app friends, twitter, facebook, send to gmail, telegram, etc..
  • Earn 10% referral commission for recaptchas.
  • Follow your friends to joined
  • Click to Track your earnings using this link Affiliate earning details
  • Track affiliate payment paid status for using FROM - TO date

Where to type Captchas?

You will type captchas to windows software or android software or chrome browser to login.
Captchas having multiple options.
  • Image click captchas
  • typing captchas
You want to type fast is best for 1. Chrome browser, 2. Windows software, 3. Android software

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