WhatsApp Invitation

     Hey, I am inviting you to download the Qeeda Game. Use my referral code "6484656jj" on sign up, you will get Rs.10 in your Qeeda wallet. Click here

How to Register and Start Earn Money in Qeeda Game.

  • Click here and download qeeda app.
  • Install the app to Your mobile.
  • Open the app.
  • It will asking mobile number.
  • Click next icon  " > "
  • And then signup here for entering your NAME, P.WORD, CONFIRM P.WORD and REFERRAL CODE "6484656jj"
  • Click Next icon  " > "
  • Verify Your mobile number
  • Terms & condition of Click Accept & Continue
  • You will will get bonus of Rs.20/- for using referral code.
  • Use this amount to play.


You are in Home page you will see PLAY & WIN, SELL COINS, TOURNAMENTS

     Three types of games having in Queeda app.

  1. Lucky Dice
  2. Dots & Boxes 5x5
  3. Dots & Boxes 3x3
How to Play games?

How to withdraw

How to add money in app

How to Exchange Coins