Get rubles to some website.
Rubles sites are good but some fraud sites entering to investment project.
Investment projects types are on few days only given.

Signup payeer Account or already u having login and get account number for getting rub. 
eg. P12345678 like this.

1ruble = Rs.1.11

Its low cost but he will be given real that's important.

So do the work daily and  get minimum - 100 rub x Rs.1.11 = Rs. 111/- 

Wow daily minimum Rs.111 x 30days = Rs.3330/-

Your monthly pocket money Rs. 3330/- Its great. Without no tension no pressure simply you do it.

I having now 3 websites

1. Ruble website 1 

2. Ruble website 2

3. Ruble website 3

4. How to create Payeer account

You will get rubles to money in payeer account.