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100% of human-generated transcription services.


He will be pay transcribers up to $0.6 per audio and video minute.

Average earning $150. Top earners monthly earning $1215.

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The income is credited to your record and they aggregate there. You can demand an assets exchange to your PayPal account whenever. There is no base farthest point on the withdrawals. The assets are credited to your PayPal account inside 1 business day of the exchange demand. 


You can welcome anybody as long as they are not effectively enrolled with Kindly don't spam individuals with welcomes. We pay attention to spam reports vary and it may prompt record suspension. 


With our Affiliate Program, you can prescribe our Sound/Video Interpretation Administration to clients by sharing your member interface or potentially inserting the associated gadget on your blog/site. The connection/gadget has exceptional codes in them to follow who visited our site from it. On the off chance that any of those guests continue to arrange transcripts on, at that point you will be paid a 10% commission for it. The commission will be paid when the transcripts are conveyed will be pertinent for each request set.