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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Earn Cryptocurrency In Telegram

October 04, 2020 0

 Earn Cryptocurrency In Telegram

Ean Cryptocurrency in Telegram bot

Earn Cryptocurrency in Telegram Bot. Its easy to earn and instant withdraw.


Multi Currencies available in this telegram bot. We all are using nothing problem in this bot.

The work is simply click the ads and run 10 to 60 seconds that's all.

You will earn in your account free and instant withdraw.

Same cryptocurrency different bot. Different earning task methods. All are easy method so don't worry.

If  anything ask me contact us or join telegram



     1. Click the Top given CLICK links of ZCASH, LTC, BCH, DOGECOIN, BTC

     2. It will open in browser or direct telegram. You will select it.

     3. Click Start
     4. Click Visit Site

     5. Click Go To Website

     6. Website is opening in your browser. Directly or select browser to open adds.

     7. Wait 10 sec to 20 sec. Or Telegram notification of  credits will shown it will done. And then you will close the browser.

     8. Follow 4 th step to 7 th step.

     9. If you want to click to check Balance, deposit, withdraw, history, Menu.

     10. If you want to advertise your website or youtube lets give here and earn more and more.

     11. Click Referral - Telegram given Referral Link.

Don't Waste your time. Chance given some time only. Because some best apps and sites and bots are given some time only so don't miss it.

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Friday, 25 September 2020

Top Brother Earning and Instant Withdraw Faucet Sites

September 25, 2020 0

 Top Brother Crypto Currency Earning and Instant Withdraw Faucet Sites

How to Earn in Brother sites?

  • Click My Referral Link it will open in new tab.
  • Copy the Btc address in faucet pay.
  • Click GET STARTED! in brother sites.
  • Paste btc address in Space Box (Enter FaucetPay Bitcoin Address)
  • Click Login.
  • Showing - (Reward: 5 Satoshi BTC every 10 minutes.)

  • Click Claim Bitcoin Button.
  • Solve captcha word showing
  • CLICK Claim Bitcoin! Button.
  • Solve Image Captcha.
  • And click Claim Bitcoin.

  • See (Your Claim)
  • You've claimed successfully 5 Satoshi BTC.
  • You can claim again in 10 minutes! and Withdraw your balance to withdraw menu.
  • Click The Withdraw Menu.
  • Your Bitcoin address and balance is showing.
  • See below CLICK Withdraw to FAUCETPAY

Follow the same procedure in all brother sites links.

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Monday, 21 September 2020

Earn Free $30 Just Download and Install To Your Pc

September 21, 2020 0

 Earn Free $2.5 Just Download and Install To Your Pc

Free fire in computer

What type of software is this?

  • This is one of the Mobile app operating Software in Computer.
  • This Process is simple work.
  • Just click my link and open website then click your pc is 64bit or 32bit for download.
  • And Install to your pc. Then enjoy mobile app in big screen.
  • See some screen shot of my pc LDPlayer software.
  • Here I am using Free fire gaming app, some earning app, browser, etc...
  • All Android apps are free to install in this pc ldplayer software.
  • Android in your pc. Android in your computer. Android in laptop What a super chance to use this free software.

Android in computer


  • This is Affiliate program of  ldplayer.
  • Simply just click my link and download and install ldplayer keep minimum two days in your pc.
  • See below Activity Rules provided by LDPlayer site.
  • This is really worth software for pc. Because i am using this in 2gb ram.
  • If you are not open in pc just connect to my TELEGRAM CHANNEL

Android in pc

Activity Rules

  • How do we count the conversion: We count the referral users who download & install LDPlayer from the affiliate link and then use the emulator again in the next day. The conversion data will be shown with a time delay of two days.
  • When will we pay the commission: The monthly commission will be paid before the 15th of the next month. For example, August's commission will be paid before the 15th of September.
  • How do we pay the commission: We will use PayPal to pay your monthly commission. However, payment will be made only when the amount of commission reaches $30 on the platform. If the amount is less than $30, it will be counted in the next month's commission.
  • LDPlayer reserves the right to adjust the activity rules according to the market and product's development, so as to guarantee promoters' profits.
  • LDPlayer reserves the right to interpret the event. In the case of malicious downloads, the platform has the right to cancel the relevant rewards.
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